MI613 Inc
Monitor only what you need
No minimums required
Plans starting at $15 / month

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring by Security Analysts in four global SOCs.

Selective Monitoring

Monitor one or many endpoints, servers or firewalls.

No Minimums

Plans for your needs with no required minimum purchase.


We provide enterprise-grade managed SOC security service with 24/7 monitoring that is easy to deploy and non-invasive. We work with you to build the monitoring that you need and customize to the devices that are essential to you from firewalls to networks. We offer month to month billing that allows the flexibility to adjust your services as you grow and change.

Email Security

With the rise of Business Email Compromise (BEC) and phishing campaigns, email security has become a key focus for business. We offer email security options to meet a variety of business needs. Compatible with Microsoft Office 365, features include Anti Virus, Spam Filtering, Impostor Email Protection, Email Encryption and Social Media Account Protection.

Endpoint Protection

Managing and mitigating threats on your endpoints whether they be desktop or mobile is vital to a strong security posture. A managed service integrates anti virus detection with prevention and response. We offer a complete package that institutes a fully automated rapid elimination of threats with real time forensics.

Build the cyber security you need