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Industry Leading Partnership

The CybernetIQ team has the highest credentials and includes industry award winners, published authors, and respected thought leaders who regularly speak at leading security conferences including: Black Hat Arsenal, RSA, DEFCON, Blue Hat, CPNI, SANS, and SERENE. With the creation of CybernetIQ and it’s software CLAW, company founder Joe Cummins and the team have sought to create an industry leading solution that connects all cyber security systems under one umbrella. CLAW allows organizations to easily identify and control each individual layer of the network environment to ensure the safety, security and resilience of Critical Infrastructure and Enterprise systems.

Providing you with reporting to help plan your Resiliency

A cybersecurity program that focuses only on threats is only going to show you what you already know. That’s why CLAW shows you the entire cybersecurity perspective in a single frame and exposes the illegitimate paths created by bad actors and threat agents.

You can’t protect what you can’t see

CLAW by CybernetIQ is a true view of the network that brings all of your cybersecurity defences into alignment. No other cybersecurity technology has CLAW’s simple, interactive view of your entire network to give your analysts the proactive power to scan, see, assess and respond to threats across OT, enterprise, and IoT networks.

Be up and hunting in a single day

Stop worrying about cyber security. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.