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Partnering with Cyber Security Industry leaders allow us to provide you with a complete cyber solution package to meet your needs

Monitored Endpoint Security

Understanding the importance of securing your information is essential for good business practice. Implementing an endpoint security solution with a real time monitored service provides you with peace of mind that you can run your business while minimizing and mitigating threats. We offer packages starting as low as $15/month with no minimum endpoint purchase requirements.

Understand your Network Risk

Implementing a 24/7 monitored SOC service on your network provides you with alerts and response on your network threats. By partnering with industry leaders we offer affordable solutions that give you enterprise level monitoring that you can customize to meet your needs. Choose to monitor the servers, networks or firewalls that are essential to your business and with monthly billing you have the flexibility to change and adapt your monitoring as your business changes.

Know your email patterns and leverage that to mitigate threats

One of the fastest growing threats to business is Business Email Compromise. Attackers use high level corporate executive emails to launch phishing and other insider attacks. By implementing email security programs, you are able to monitor email patterns and potentially block risky behaviour. We offer packages that include Anti Virus, Attachment Defense, Email Encryption and Social Media Account Protection and priced to meet your needs.

Where are your corporate risks?

Leaked passwords continue to be a risk to corporate infrastructure. Attackers are able to access databases of passwords that they can use to predict password patterns to penetrate corporate access. Compromised account reporting helps to identify risky users, reduce password re-use and allow corporations to plan for effective and targeted Cyber Security Training within the organization.

We test, secure and provide real time information on threats.

Working with industry leading strategic partners we provide you with a comprehensive look at your cyber security.

Website Testing

Understand how you look to a hacker from the outside. An examination of over 9,000 security vulnerabilities across the whole infrastructure, including cloud platform, website and public facing IP scanning.

Resilience as a Service

CLAW is an attack surface analysis (ASA) platform that consolidates protection, detection, and remediation capabilities in a single frame to deliver what most SIEM and SOAR tools only promise - a truly holistic view of your network

Our team

We bring together over 20 years industry experience to offer our clients expertise in all aspects of security.

Cara Phillips

Manager, Operations and Business Development

James Phillips

Director, Cyber Security

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Living and working in a cyber safe world

Trusted by our clients

Karen Fisher, CPA

Chartered Professional Accountant

“As a business that today must rely on emails, websites, the cloud and so many aspects of the virtual world I often feel overwhelmed to think of what risks I could be placing on my business. After one meeting with Cara the peace of mind knowing I was in the hands of an extremely helpful, honest, and knowledgeable team made it feel much less stressful. The MI613 team guided me through the process of what they do and the importance of being ahead of the potential risks of being attacked. Cara was very understanding and took extra time to explain areas that I was unsure about. They provided me with great reports and checklists to ensure I was taking the best steps forward and how to maintain security in the most efficient way.”

Wendy Martin

Financial Advisor & Educator, Wendy Martin Financial Services Inc.

"I highly recommend the team at MI613 for all your cyber security requirements. They are highly knowledgeable in their field and stay up to date with all the current trends. Cara is able to articulate solutions in an easily understood and practical manner. "

Ephram Chaplick

Chief Operating Officer, Avid Apparel

"MI613 Inc has been providing Avid Apparel with Cyber Security Consulting services for more than 2 years. James and Cara have always gone above and beyond to provide us with outstanding service and have been quick to respond to our needs. We at Avid Apparel would highly recommend their services."

Why you should choose us

With over 20 years experience in the cyber security industry, we offer our clients an insight and depth of knowledge to give them the comfort they have made the right choice. Along with our strategic partners, MI613 Inc strives to provide a complete cyber offering.

Cyber Security Assessment

Reviewing current Cyber Security structures allows business to constantly evolve with the ever changing cyber security industry.

Resilience as a Service

Using industry data, company interviews, NIST standards, database scans, and our own patented CLAW technology, we provide the most complete Risk Report on the market.

Network Detection

We are able to provide business with the ability to continuously monitor and assess your cloud assets and resources for misconfigurations and non-standard deployments.

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